Maak Je Eerste Joomla Backup

Maak Je Eerste Joomla Backup Video Uitleg

In an earlier lesson I showed you how to install Akeeba Backup. So that you are able to at any time create a backup of your web site so that in case of an emergency you will be able to restore it. Now that the web site is almost complete now is a good time to take our first backup. Go to the Components menu and select Akeeba Backup.

From this dashboard click on the Backup Now icon. As we can see Akeeba has already pre-filled a short description to say that the backup is going to take place an on todays date. We can optionally leave a comment as well. When you are ready click on Backup Now. The backup process is now taking place and depending on the size of your web site this will take anywhere from a few minutes to much longer. Its important in order for the backup process to complete that you do not close this web page. Once the backup has completed successfully we can go to Manage Backups to see the backups. Here we can see the description and I hover over the little information the note that we left. We can see the size of the backup and a link to download it.

A backup left on the web site is as good as having no backup at all. Its like keeping the spare keys for your house inside your house. So we must download the backup file to somewhere safe like our own computer. We can do this two ways. If the backup is quite small we can click on this link to save the backup to our computer. If the backup is much bigger you may find it easier to download it using an ftp program.

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