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You've been wondering what this Login Form is doing on the right hand side of our web site. Although its part of the default installation most regular web sites have no need for someone to Log In at the front end of the web site. So we're going to remove that and replace it with something else. Go to your administrator Extensions, Module Manager and you will see the Login Form here To delete it simply Select and click Trash.

This isn't deleting the code and you will be able to create Login Forms again in the future it's just deleting this instance. We can go back to our web site and refresh we can see it's gone and now the web site has expanded to fill the entire width. So instead of that Login box I want to put something else there instead. I am going to use a special type of module called a Custom HTML. From the Module Manager click New and locate the Custom HTML module.

This is a special module that works a bit like a mini article. It allows you to put text links or images in a module position. Let's give it a title so that we can find it again in the Module Manager and select our position. Which we know from previously is Position-7 Now that the module has been named and put in a position I just want to place an image in here and I've prepared one already. So to upload it click on the image icon then click on the Upload and browse to your image. Once the image has been uploaded click to select it and make sure the Alternate text is appropriate. and click Insert. I want this image to work like a button so that it's clickable.

Click on the image and then click on the Link to create the link. I could create this link just as before to an external web site but I want to create a link to my April special offer page. I have two ways of finding it. I can navigate through here Content, News, Events and there it is April and I can just click to select it and I can see it's filled in the geeky stuff at the top. That's fine for now when we don't have much content But you can also simply Search you will get the search results select the one that you want and then click Insert. It works exactly the same.

Finally click Save return to your web site and refresh the site. Here is the image we just created and when we click on it it goes to our April page. I don't like the words Special offers there so I am going to remove that. Return to the Module Manager and set the title to Hide and Save. Return and refresh That's looking much better It you remember this April Adventures page that we're linking to will disappear on the 1st May so this link will also be wrong on the 1st May, it will give us an error So we need to make sure that the link is always correct. We can do that by setting the module to disappear at exactly the same time as the article. And create another instance of this module to appear in May. Return to the Module Manager and in the Finish Publishing date set this one to finish publishing on the 1st May. This module will now disappear on the 1st May and I'm going to Save & Close.

But I want a new one to appear on the 1st May linking to the May article. So the easiest way to do that is to select this one and click Duplicate. We now have a second module. Select it Everything about it is the same the title says number 2 so I'm going to change number 2 to say May It's still set not to show the title on the front end so that's fine make sure it's published Go to my Custom Output select the image select unlink to remove the link Select it again and click link again search for May There's my May Madness article Insert it I now need to set the Start Publishing for this module to be the 1st May when the other one will disappear. So click on the date and select the 1st May and go to the Finish Publishing and we will make this one finish on the 1st June and we will repeat this process until we've got enough modules to last us the entire year. Now press Save If we return to the Site refresh, we still only have one and its still only linking to the April article because the other one will not appear until May when this one disappears.

So we've now been able to create a module to link to a specific article which has been set to appear and disappear at specific times and dates.

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