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The final page we are going to add to our web site is a contact page. So that people know how to find us and also how to get in contact with us. To do this we're going to use one of the built in components that is supplied with Joomla called Contacts. You'll find it under the Components menu As with articles a contact must also live inside a category. This web site will only have one contact but you could create many. If you look under the categories you will see that a category is already created called Uncategorised. and as we're only creating one contact we can leave this category as it is and create our contact there. So select the Contacts menu and click new to enter our contact details.

Begin by entering the name of the contact which in my case is Teemans Teashop and then we have various options All the field on this form are optional However if you want a contact form you will need to enter an email address. So lets' begin by entering the email address that we want the contact forms to be sent to. I'm going to enter the address, the city, the post code, or zipcode, I'm not going to bother with the country but for the telephone number I need to make sure that I enter that and again I will leave the mobile and fax number blank. We can also complete some miscellaneous information here Now that that is done click Save & Close.

Now that we have created our Contact we need to create the menu link in order to display the contact form on our web site. To do this, select the menus Main Menu and click New and give the Menu link a title For the Menu Item Type this time we are selecting Contacts and just the Single Contact then we need to select the actual contact we're linking to Once that's done you can click Save & Close go to your web site and we can see our Contact Us link is now there and if we click on it we can see our Contact Details, our contact form, and the Miscellaneous Information. As you can see on the Contact Form your email address is not actually displayed by default.

This is considered to be good practice. But when anyone completes this form and clicks on Send Mail the details of the contact will be sent to the email address that you entered in the Contact Many people want to add the facility on their contact forms to ensure that only real people are submitting them. This is known as captcha and Joomla provides this by default by using a plugin. To set this up from your administrator go to the Extensions, Plugin Manager and right near the top you will see a plugin called Captcha- reCaptcha. This is the one we need to setup so click on it and down here i it says we need to get something called a Public and Private key in order to use this service and this is unique for each domain. Follow this link to the google site which will talk you through the process of getting your key.

Once you've signed up enter your domain name details in the box and click on create key. The keys have now been created and we need to enter them into our Joomla web site. So return to the administrator. Here you can see you need to enter your Public key and Private key. To avoid error don't try and type it but copy and paste. So first of all select the entire Public key and copy an paste and do the same for the Private key.

Once you've done that click Save and Close. You can close down the ReCaptcha web site. If we return to our web site and refresh the page go to the Contact form you won't see anything different yet. The next stage is in our administrator go to the System, Global Configuration menu. Here under Site Settings you can see the default captcha and currently it is set at none selected. So we need to change that to be Captcha - ReCaptcha Click Save & Close go back to the front end of your web site and refresh the page again. Now you can see that the Captcha form is now present on your web site and no one is able to submit until they've completed the question here.

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