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Joomla Categorieën Aanmaken

Joomla Categorieën Aanmaken Transcriptie

Before we can start creating content for our web site we need to create some categories to store that content in. To do this go to the Content menu and select the Category Manager. Here we can see that Joomla comes by default with one category already created. this is called Uncategorised. We are going to create some new categories specifically for this web site. To do this click on the New button. With this simple form we can create the categories for our web site. If your screen does not look exactly like this one then that's because you haven't installed the JCE editor as described in the previous lesson.

To create the category simply give it a title. We are going to create one called About So type in the word About. The Alias field is used by Joomla to create the urls. It does this automatically when we press save so we don't need to enter anything here. The description field is optional and we're not going to use that for now but we will do in a later lesson. Now that we have created the category click Save & Close. Here we can see the category About has been created. Let's go ahead and create some more. So click New. This time we will create a category called Products. Instead of clicking Save & Close because I want to create some more categories I can save some time by just clicking on Save & New. The Products category has been saved and we can now go ahead and create some more categories.

The next category I am going to create is one called News. And again click Save & New. The final category is Events but this time I'm going to make this one a sub-category of the last one we created News. If we go to the right hand side we can see a dropdown called Parent and here I can select the previous categories as the parent for this one and I want to select News. Now that's done click Save & Close. Here we can see the categories we created About, Products, News and the subcategory of News, called Events. Now those categories are created we can return to our dashboard by clicking on the Joomla logo.

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