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Now that we've created all the content for our web site it's time to tidy it up and make it look nice. The first thing we are going to do is deal with this information block here called Details. As you can see it says who wrote the article which category it's in when it was published and how many hits its had. For most web sites this sort of information isn't really required.

So we go in and change the default setting to hide this for all the items. To do this go to your administrator and go to Content and the Article Manager. Here on the top you can see a button called options. And here you can see various different settings that we can make to decide the default layout and information that will be displayed with a Joomla article. I'm going to hide Category as the category is now hidden I may as well make it unlinked. I'm going to hide the author I'm going to hide the date I'm going to press Save return to my web site refresh the page and see the changes.

You can see we're just left with one there called Hits. So let's go and find that one to remove. It's right down here and set that to hide. And again press Save go to your web site and refresh the page. Hits has now gone. We still have this popup here with a print link and an email link. Personally I find these of little use so I am going to remove those as well. Again return to the administrator scroll right back down and set the Show Icons to hide and also Hide Print, Hide Email.

Now when we save that return to our site and refresh those have now gone and if we check the other pages we can see they've gone from there as well. So our page and our web site is now looking much cleaner.

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