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Rondleiding Transcriptie

Once we've logged in you will see this screen the Joomla administrator control panel It is from the administrator that we will be doing all our work building the site Let me quicky explain the different areas of this site. Here at the top you MAY see a message box with important messages from Joomla after you have performed a new installation or upgrade. Right here in the middle we have three boxes showing the Logged in Users the popular articles and the recently added articles.

Obviously as we have no articles yet those boxes are empty. But once you start building the site they will become populated with our articles and they will be quick links to enable you to go directly to them. On the left hand side we have another collection of quick links to some of the more commonly used functions in Joomla. However all of this is also available from the menus at the top and that is where we are going to be concentrating. in this video course. If we go up to the top right we can see a cog wheel and if I click on it I can see the name of the currently logged in user and I can go to edit my account and change that name I can also log out of the administrator from here.

Next to it is the name of our web site for me it's Teemans TeaShop If I click on this I can quickly open our web site in a new window. We will be using this a lot during the lessons. so that we can easily and quickly see the changes that we have made in the administrator and how they reflect on the front end of our web site. In the top left is the Joomla logo and this will always bring us back to this screen no matter where we are. So again it's a useful quick link, a home link, back to this page. On the bottom we again have quick links to open the front end and to logout as well as a count of the number of administrators and visitors currently logged in. And finally we have the menu along the top. This is what we're going to be using most of the time to navigate our way around the Joomla administrator. Simply go to the menu and click on it once to activate it and then we can scroll down and across and select the menu item that we want.

The final link is Joomla Help Here you will find links to further resources to help you build your Joomla web site whether that's the forum or Joomla Extension Directory where you can find additional functionality to add to your web site. In later lessons we're going to look in more detail at all the relevant options and the all the tools available to you in the Joomla administrator web site to help you build your first Joomla 3 web site.

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