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In this lesson we will be adding our final content page to our web site. To save some time I've already created 7 articles in my Events category. Now we're going to go ahead and create the menu link to those articles. Select Menus Main Menu To create the new item click on New and give the menu a title Select the menu item type This is Articles and we're going to use the Category Blog again.

Select the category where you've created the articles. In this case it is Events Click Save and then take a look and see what this has done to your web site. Open up your web site in a new browser by clicking on the site name in the top right hand corner. We can see here our new menu link called Events. If we select it we can see all those events listed. Remember by default Joomla is displaying one article across the full width and the rest of the articles in two columns. For this page I want to create all the articles in a single column. So return to your administrator Go to the Blog Layout tab Here we want to set the Leading Articles to zero the number of articles to show to four in one column and I am going to set the number of links to show as zero.

So again press Save return to your web site and refresh the page. And we can now see that we have all the articles in one column and after the first four we have pagination to go to the next articles. However you will notice that the order of the articles is probably not the best This is because by default Joomla displays the articles in the order they were created with the newest article at the beginning. So lets go ahead and change that to something more suitable. Return to your administrator in the Blog Layout tab if you scroll down you will see an option called Article Order If we look we can see that there are several different options. To display the articles by Most recent first which is the default. The oldest first, Alphabetical, Reverse Alphabetical Most Hits or Least Hits But the one we want to use is Article Manager Order This lets us order the articles individually. So lets select that and press Save & Close. If we go back to our site and refresh the page we probably wont see anything different at the moment. So what we have to do is go back to our Administrator and go to our Article Manager So select Content Article Manager Now we can see here all the articles on our web site so to make it a little bit easier for us let's filter the list to just show the category Events. We can do this using the Search Tools. Select the one for Category and then select the category we want, Events. We can see now that the articles are being displayed just for the Events category. What we want to do is to sort these articles so that they are displayed in date order of the title April, May, June, July To do this click on this small arrow here.

The articles are now being listed exactly in the order that they are being displayed on your web site. We want to change this so that the April article is right at the very top. So if you go down and as you move your cursor over those three dots it becomes a cross. Click, Hold Drag and Drop And do the same for the rest of the articles. Click, Hold Drag, Drop Once the articles are being displayed here in the order that you want return to your web site and refresh the page. Now they are being displayed April, May, June and July But lets not stop there. Once the month of April has finished we want to remove this article from our web site. And for May and June July and so on. We could do this manually every month by unpublishing the article. But Joomla allows us to do this automatically. Return to your administrator and open the April Adventures article by clicking on its title. If we go to the Publishing tab we can see the Start Publishing which is the the date and time that I created the article and a Finish Publishing which is currently empty In other words it will never finish publishing. What I want to do is set to automatically finish publishing at the end of the month. Or to be more precise at the beginning of the next month. So click on the calendar icon navigate to the 1st May and select that. Now you can see the time here is the current time and if I wanted to I can go in there and edit it. Save & Close this and repeat this for all the other articles. So that they will automatically be unpublished and disappear at that date.

Finally we can employ a little trick to display one piece of text right at the very top of this page. Kind of like a sticky something that will always be at the top. To do this we can make use of the Category Description feature. If we go to the Content and Category Manager and select our Events category. You will remember that when we created it we only gave it a title. But there was the ability here to give it a description with pictures and links as well if we wanted. But for now I'm just going to put some straight text in there. Once I've typed my text formatted it exactly how I wanted click Save & Close. Return to your web site and refresh the page and you will see that nothing has changed yet. Because by default the the Category Descriptions do not show. Return to the administrator and go to the Menu Select your Events menu and go to the Category tab and here you can see two options for Category Title and Category Description. You should set both of those to Show Once that's done click Save & Close return to your site and refresh the page and you can now see we have the title of the category and the description. By using this feature of adding a Category Description we're able to ensure that we can always have one piece of text at the top of the page irrelevant of any ordering options that we have of the individual articles.

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