Akeeba Backup Installeren

Akeeba Backup Installeren Video Transcriptie

In this lesson we shall install the second of our Joomla extensions. This is called Akeeba Backup available from http://akeebabackup.com This extension gives you the ability to easily backup, restore, and transfer your web site in seconds.

There is nothing worse than a web site that you can not make a backup of or if something goes wrong you cannot restore from a backup. To download Akeeba Backup go to the Download menu and select Akeeba Backup. Scroll down and at the time of recording the latest release was 3.7.4, click on the link to take you to the downloads. Here is the link to download the extension so click on that and save it to your computer.

Now that we have saved it let's return to our web site and install it in just the same way we installed JCE. So go to Extensions, Extension Manager, Choose the file here it is com_akeeba and Upload & Install. Again we get a success message telling us that the component has been installed.

We now need to complete the installation by going to the Components menu you can see an Akeeba Backup menu select that and here there are various options. The fist one is to run the Configuration Wizard we need to make sure we do this because this will configure Akeeba Backup specifically for our web site hosting. We can leave the next one about ANGIE ticked and then just confirm that you have read, understood and accept the license. That you understand that this version of Akeeba Backup is free of charge and support is only provided to subscribers.

And the final condition is that you understand that an untested backup is as good as no backup at all. tick that and click apply. The Configuration Wizard now automatically starts and does its magic and sets itself up specifically for your web hosting environment. Once the Configuration has finished you have the option to do a backup immediately but as we haven't done anything on our web site yet we will leave that for later.

There is a later lesson on this site for how to take your first backup and more advanced videos covering all the features of Akeeba Backup are available at http://akeebabackup.com. To return to your dashboard simply click on the joomla name.

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